Thursday, April 30, 2015

EVERETT- Car Prowlers Caught in the Act

Cameras have been become very popular to protect people’s property at home. Cameras may have paid off for one Everett family. In the early morning hours of Wednesday April 29, two car prowlers were caught on video trying to enter three vehicles parked in a driveway. One of the car prowlers was able to open the door of one of the vehicles.

Check out the video on Q13 News link below. If you know who the car prowlers are, call 911 and ask to talk to an Everett police officer.

Note: Cameras can give victims an edge against car prowlers and burglars. While they may not deter all crooks, they can provide evidence that police can use to find the thief. In cases where there is no “suspect information” police find it difficult to follow through with an investigation. If you have video of a car prowler or burglar, tell the call taker when you call 911. The responding officer or deputy will be interested in seeing it.


Q13 Fox News:



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