Tuesday, April 28, 2015

STANWOOD- Burglary Suspects

STANWOOD- Burglary Suspects

Last week the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office issued an alert concerning two burglary suspects in the Stanwood area. Local law enforcement authorities are still looking for them.

According to its press release, on Wednesday, April 22 around 12:34am, a male and a female entered a residence in the 7100 block of 204th St NW. They ransacked the residence and attempted to take jewelry, cash and other items. After a confrontation between the homeowner and the male suspect, the suspects dropped the stolen items and fled.

The best description is of the male. He is described as Caucasian in his early 20’s, between 5’ 6” and 5’ 8” tall with blonde hair. He wore a yellow hooded sweatshirt and had either pockmarks or acne on his face. The female was described as Caucasian with her hair up in a ponytail.

If you know who this is or see someone with this description in your area, call 911.

Note: Occasionally, there will be burglary attempts overnight on residences. But, as apparently in this case, there is a danger in being confronted by an angry, cranky homeowner. Most burglars do not want a confrontation with anybody so they do their breaking in during the day when most people are at work. No matter the time of day, do be on the lookout for suspicious people in your neighborhood and call 911 to report them to the Sheriff’s Office.


Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office:

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