Tuesday, May 26, 2015

BURGLARY PREVENTION- Convicted Burglars Suggest Ways to Protect Yourself

The Columbus Police Department has released a video on You Tube with three convicted burglars giving their experiences of how they choose a house to break into, what circumstances caused them to look for another target house as well as what kind of items they take and what they do with them.

Long time readers of my Hot Sheet will recognize what the gentlemen have to say. Deadbolt locks, lock all house windows, install cameras and alarms, signs (alarm on site, no trespassing, etc.) work to deter burglars, don’t have anything showing in your car.

They point out that if you see someone suspicious in your neighborhood or you have someone suspicious at your door, call 911. And as one of them said, "Most burglaries are done from opportunity."

While the men pretty much confirm what police crime prevention professionals talk about day in and day out, hearing it from burglars gives credibility for the practical advice that you have been hearing.

Please take a moment to watch the video.    



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