Monday, May 11, 2015

SNOHOMISH COUNTY- Flakka, The New Designer Drug

The local Drug Enforcement Administration office and the Snohomish Drug and Gang Task Force have issued a warning about a new designer drug called Flakka.

Flakka increases the body temperature up to 105 degrees and gives users paranoid hallucinations. It also makes the user incredibly strong for a short period. It can be eaten, snorted or vaporized. Vaping sends it straight to the blood stream.

Flakka is a cousin to bath salts and is believed to be manufactured in China and/or India. Distribution is often via the postal system, with distributers offering it online or in person.

Currently, law enforcement agencies have been seeing this drug on the east coast with some bazaar incidents reported in the press. But, 4 cases have been sent to the Washington State Patrol lab. Local law enforcement agencies expect to see more cases of this drug.

Parents can help prevent their teenagers from becoming victims of this by warning them of the effects of this new drug.

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