Monday, May 11, 2015

SEATTLE- An Inexpensive Car Alarm

For years now, police have recommended not keeping anything in your car, even when you park it overnight in your driveway. And, many people have placed cameras on the sides of their garages to look down on their vehicles to catch car prowlers in the act.

Now, a Ballard resident has figured out a way to use an inexpensive motion detector to deter car prowlers.

They use a 1Byone motion detector ( that is intended to detect motion in a driveway. Instead of placing the motion detector on the side of the garage, they placed it in a discrete place inside one of their vehicles.

And it worked. After their vehicle was broken into numerous times, they placed the motion detector in the vehicle and the alarm by their bed. The alarm went off, the husband and wife pressed the panic buttons on their key fobs and the budding car prowler left the area quickly.

This goes to show that security measures do not have to be expensive. On Amazon, you can purchase this system for around $14.

While this method may work only at home, it is an innovative way to prevent a crime to your property.




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