Friday, July 31, 2015

WINDOWS 10 UPGRADE: Scammers Already Trying to Insert Ransomware on Your Computer

According to the Associated Press, hackers are already trying to take advantage of Microsoft’s free upgrade to Windows 10 that began on Wednesday.

The scammers have been sending out bogus spam emails claiming to be from Microsoft. Attached to the emails are files that the emails claim to be the upgrade, but instead contain “ransomware” that locks all of the data in the infected computer and then demands payment to release the data.

Cisco Systems says that the emails are designed to look like an official Microsoft upgrade notice. However, several words have random, out-of-place letters and punctuation.

Microsoft is not upgrading older versions of Windows to Windows 10 via email! Over the past few weeks, Microsoft has installed a “Get Windows 10” app located in the tray at the bottom of the computer’s screen on computers that use Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1. It is only through this app that you can upgrade to Windows 10. If you did not get the app, go to this link for suggestions on how to get it:

Remember, Microsoft will not contact you to upgrade to Windows 10! Delete any emails that claim to be for the Windows 10 upgrade. Do not click on any links or on any attachments.




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