Tuesday, August 9, 2016

MARYSVILLE- Anti-Bullying Scam

On Twitter this morning, the Marysville Police Department has announced that scammers are trying to take advantage of an anti-bullying campaign being conducted by its two School Resource Officers (SRO).

The SRO’s are collecting donations from businesses in the Marysville area to bring speakers on bullying to the area schools.

The Marysville Police Department says that the only two people collecting money are officers Jeremy Wood and Chris Sutherland (see picture). They are making personal contact for donations.

They are not soliciting by phone or asking for credit card information. The police department says that you should only donate to one of the officers or at City Hall.

If you receive a phone call asking for a donation to the anti-bullying campaign and asking for your credit card information or other personal information hang up and call 911.

For more about the SRO’s anti-bullying campaign go to,

Marysville Globe:

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