Sunday, August 14, 2016

MONROE- Car Prowls

The Monroe Police Department has issued a warning about an increase in car prowls in Monroe.

Car prowls are a consistent problem in many areas of the county, whether in cities or in suburbs. And as more housing is built in the county this will continue to be a problem.

The best way that you can prevent your car or truck from being broken into remains:

·         Locking your car and keeping your windows closed when you park it.

·         Not keeping anything in sight inside your vehicle when you park it.

·         Park in a well-lit busy area of a parking lot.

At home:

·         Park in your garage with the garage door shut.

·         If you park your car outside keep it locked and do not leave anything in it.

·         Keep the area where you park your car well-lit.

·         Mount cameras overlooking your car to discourage car prowlers or at least provide evidence of who broke into it to deputies.

Most car prowlers will not break into a car or truck if they do not see anything inside. So locking and not leaving anything showing in your car will take away opportunity for the car prowler, who will move on to the next car.


Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office:

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