Monday, August 8, 2016

SNOHOMISH COUNTY- Smoke Detector Scam

It’s tough being a door to door salesman these days. Too many stories of burglars knocking on the door. If no one answers, they break in and take what they can. If someone does answer, they come up with an excuse such as they are selling something for charity.

This story will not help.

According to the Gold Bar Firefighter’s Association Facebook page, a group of people, posing as firefighters were going around the Gold Bar area wanting to check homeowner’s smoke detectors. The Firefighter’s Association says that this is a scam to sell fire alarms. It emphasizes that firefighters do not make cold calls. If they come out to your house it will be at your request, in uniform with a department vehicle.

Other postings on social media have talked about a similar team in the Marysville area and North Everett. One posts described two young men, one wearing basketball shorts the other wearing all black clothes. The person making the post noted that the two did not want to take no.

Whether this is a scam or burglars trying to check out houses be wary of anyone claiming to be from a local government or utility who cannot produce identification from that organization or is pushy about entering your home.

Call 911 if anyone acts suspiciously at your door. A timely call can help deputies find a potential burglar or scammer.

Gold Bar Firefighter’s Association:

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