Sunday, March 5, 2017

CYBER SECURITY- Is Someone Watching You Through Your Security Camera?

The beauty of the modern age is that you can check out your home when you are away through security cameras over the internet. And if you have a baby cam, you can see what your child is doing while you are in another part of the house.

However, if your security camera, baby cam, or web cam are connected to the internet, strangers have the capability of looking into your home through your own equipment.

According to press reports, there is at least one website, that is based in Russia, that broadcasts live video from unsecured or poorly secured web cams from around the world. Reports say that the web site claims its purpose is to publicize the problem of poorly secured web cams. But people who might have nefarious purposes can take advantage of this web site. And this does make one think that there could be people who troll for unsecured cameras online that do not advertise their activities.

The best way to protect yourself from someone intruding through your security web cam or baby cam is to change the password for the camera to a strong password like you would on your financial or online shopping accounts. The best time to change the devise’s password is when you buy a security camera or baby cam. Look up the way to change the password in the device’s manual and then change the password to a strong password. If there is not a method to change the default password, return the device to the retailer and find one that allows you to change the password.

Also, some cyber security experts recommend securing your router also so that it has a strong password that is not a default password. A secure router will help keep any device that connects to the internet through your router. This includes your PC, any laptops, tablets, smart phones, or newer Internet of Things (IoT) devices. For information on how to change a router password, watch this very good video:

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