Tuesday, April 17, 2012

APPLE TREE- Suspicious Person and Burglary Attempt

Suspicious person in Apple Tree. While leaving their house in Thursday morning, April 12, a neighbor spotted a vehicle entering the neighborhood (46th Ave) at a slow rate of speed. It attracted the neighbor's attention and when they slowed to take a closer look, the driver (who was wearing sunglasses) looked down and away. The neighbor drove a bit further and stopped. The driver of the other vehicle did a U turn and left the neighborhood. It appears that he did not belong in the neighborhood and was uncomfortable that he had drawn attention to himself. The vehicle was an older model dark green Chevrolet pick-up, black canopy, with a damaged right headlight. The license started with A153. The driver was mid to late 20s, black hair, was wearing oversize sunglasses, was of dark complexion (perhaps Latino?), and appeared to have a bandana around his forehead. If anyone else spots this vehicle in the neighborhood, they should pay attention.

Burglary attempt in Apple Tree. A homeowner received a call at work on Monday evening, April 9, from their neighbor who said their alarm was going off. A white male had been spotted coming from the backyard through the trees and another neighbor was chasing the suspect down the street on foot.  (NOTE: It is NOT advised to try to catch a suspect yourself...just get all the details you can, like license plate, description, photo, and call 9-1-1). A getaway vehicle rushed down the street for the suspect to jump in. Another neighbor driving into the area saw what was going on and followed the suspects by car and called 9-1-1. The homeowner's glass on the back door behind the house was smashed, causing the alarm to sound. It is unknown if anything was taken.

Deputies caught at least one suspect, who it is said, lives in the area and is well known to police.

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