Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PUD- Energy- Saving Scams

The Snohomish County PUD has issued the following alert:

The PUD reminds customers about potential scams that may be committed over the phone or by people visiting their home or business.
  • New Postcard Scam (April 2012): Vendors are sending postcards that appear as if they are coming from the PUD ("personal information regarding your utility bills"), encouraging customers to attend a dinner where they can learn how to save "hundred to thousands" off their utility bills. The postcard uses a "sample" bill to indicate how much can be saved. This is some kind of national campaign that is not related in any way to Snohomish County PUD. Attached are images of the front and back of the postcard.

  • If a customer receives a phone call asking for financial information, such as a credit card number to make a utility payment, he/she should never provide this information. The PUD never calls customers to collect credit card information over the phone. If customers aren’t sure if a call is from the PUD, he/she should call PUD Customer Service to verify the information given.
  • If a person comes to a customer’s home or business claiming to be a PUD employee, the customer should ask to see the person's PUD identification. Employees carry an ID card with their picture on it and will gladly show it to customers. If customers believe they are the target of a potential scam, please call PUD Customer Service to report it.
  • Be wary of offers from businesses promising huge savings on your energy bill, particularly if they reference what you paid on previous bills. The PUD does not share your account information with other organizations without your consent. If you have questions about an energy-efficiency offer, call PUD Customer Service.

Customer Service:

(M-F, 8am to 5:30pm)


Western Washington & outside Everett

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