Saturday, April 21, 2012

BURGLARY PREVENTION- Vehicle Registrations

On April 11, I posted an article about protecting your car registration from potential burglars (BURGLARIES- Burglars Finding Your Home Through Your Car Registration).

In its April 2012 issue, The Mill Creek View has published another way to protect your car registration suggested by the Mill Creek Police Department:

  • Make a copy of your car registration. Place the original in a safe place such as a safe in your house or a safety deposit box.
  • Black out the last name, street address, city, state and zip code. Leave at least your first name visible so than a police officer can compare it with the name on your driver's license. Make sure that no one can hold the copy up to the light and read the personal information.
  • Also, leave the bar code on the top, the VIN number, and license plate number visible. As long as the bar code, VIN, and license number are visible then you have the legally required information that a police officer might need in a traffic stop.
No matter what you do, protecting the information on your car registration has become important to remove opportunity for a burglar or ID thief to make you a victim.

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