Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SILVER FIRS- Attempted Burglary

On Monday, May 6, around 8:00am, a homeowner in the 5800 block of 143th St SE, heard footsteps going up the stairs to her back deck. In looking out a window, with a view of the steps, she saw a masked man at the top of the stairs. After banging on the window two separate times the masked man finally ran down the stairs, across the yard and then jumped over the fence.

No further description is available for the intruder.

Note: It is uncertain if this incident has been reported to the Sheriff’s Office. With an incident like this making a timely call to 911 is essential to help Sheriff’s deputies catch burglars in the act. Reporting criminal activity as it occurs will get a response from the Sheriff’s Office. In this case, having a description of the intruder and knowing the direction of travel would have given deputies an idea of where to begin looking when they arrive.

Also, some people may have been concerned about the safety of the homeowner during the encounter. There was nothing wrong in finding out what was going on at her back deck. She wisely kept the wall of the house between her and the intruder. Some crime prevention professionals recommend when answering your front door (and this would be applicable in this case) to take your portable phone or cell phone with you to show that you are talking to someone, like 911.

The important thing is to call 911 when you see a crime in progress.

Calling 911:



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