Monday, May 27, 2013

VACATION WATCH- New Technique for Burglars

Crime prevention professionals usually recommend that you have someone pick up your mail and newspapers, or have them held, when you go on vacation. An accumulation of newspapers and ads in your driveway or door step is an indication for burglars that no one is around, making your home a juicy target for a burglary.

Some neighborhoods think that they have seen a twist that burglars are using to determine if homeowners are at home. They have seen bright blue 5X7 pieces of paper taped to their garages. According to an email going around the blue paper is placed on garages by potential burglars. They then observe the neighborhood to see which pieces of paper have been removed. Houses where the paper has not been removed become targets for burglary.

While I have not heard of any homes burglarized with the blue pieces of paper attach to their garages, if you see anything attached to your garage (or your neighbors) remove it right away. Keeping your door step and front of your house picked up shows potential burglars that you are around, and that you will notice anything out of the ordinary on your property.


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