Thursday, May 23, 2013

THE FALLS- Suspicious Activity

Today, Thursday May 23, a maroon Nissan sedan, license number 283ZFI, was seen apparently casing a variety houses in The Falls. One homeowner first sighted it in the 13700 block of 64th Dr. SE around 8am. The Nissan would stop for a few minutes, and then move down a few houses then stop. Then it would move on a few houses then stop, repeating this pattern. Two people were in the vehicle, both in their late 20’s, a female driver and a male passenger. When approached by the homeowner, both occupants became flustered and agitated, and then quickly drove away.

Later in the day, around noon, the vehicle was spotted in the vicinity of Totem Falls Elementary school also apparently casing the area around the school. This activity has been reported to 911.

Note: This shows that burglars are active, and our homes are susceptible to break ins. The prime time for residential burglaries is during the day between 10am through around 5pm during weekdays when most of us are at work. With Memorial Day weekend coming up, it might be a good idea to have a trusted neighbor keep a watch on your home if you plan to be away. For those who are staying home, keep a close eye out for suspicious activity in your neighborhood. And, (you knew I am going to say it) if you see suspicious activity, call 911.

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