Sunday, February 26, 2017

CYBERSECURITY- Some Tips for Tax Time

Keeping your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone secure is just as important during tax season as it is throughout the rest of the year. Scammers and fraudsters will try to steel your money and your ID online by:

·       Filing a fraudulent tax return in your name. If they file it first, then the IRS will reject your filing because it only accepts one tax return per Social Security Number.

·       Phishing and malware. Cybercriminals will try to get you to click on a link or on an attachment to install malware that collects your personal information.

·        IRS scam. Scammers will call or email you posing as IRS agents to get you to pay them for a fake tax bill.

·        Tax preparer fraud. Most tax preparers are honest and has an IRS Preparer Identification Number. There are those who are unscrupulous. Be sure that the preparer that you use has an IRS Preparer Identification Number.

For more information about how you can protect yourself from cybercrime, go to this link:

Stay Safe Online/ITRC:

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