Sunday, February 12, 2017

SCAM UPDATE- Top Scams for 2016

Top Scams for 2016. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and AARP’s Fraud Watch Network have both issued lists of their top reported scams for 2016.

The BBB says that 2,100 scams were reported to them in the western states on its BBB Scam Tracker ( Among the top scams are tax collection (IRS scam), online purchase scams, sweepstakes/lottery/prizes, debt collection, government grants, phishing, employment, fake invoice, and tech support.

AARP reports its top three scams are:

·         Government Grant Scams- You see an ad or get a call from someone saying that you can get a guaranteed grant without having to pay the money back. The catch is that they want your checking account number to transfer the money to you. There is no grant and now the scammer has your checking account number. Don’t give strangers your checking account information.

·         Facebook Hacks- If you receive a friend request on Facebook from someone that you are already connected to, this is probably a scam. A scammer probably hacked into their account to claim that your friend is in need of money from you. If you think that you friend’s Facebook account has been hacked, let them know immediately. And check your privacy settings.

·         Online Romance Scams- Scammers will troll dating sites. They will strike up a conversation online and sometimes even on the phone. Sometimes they will try to get you to exchange emails or messages away from the site. Often, they will claim to be away in a foreign country. Be wary when they ask for financial help- for an emergency, needs help with bills, to fly out to see you. For more information about romance scams, go to:;jsessionid=00000000.app263b?NONCE_TOKEN=474F0706BB1BF774120BE4B459C388A8.

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