Tuesday, February 7, 2017

PHISHING SCAM- Cons Target Small Businesses Through Quickbooks Impersonation

Con artists are sending emails impersonating Intuit’s (the accounting company) software Quickbooks.  The email claims to be confirming that you changed your business name with Intuit. Of course, you did not make any change to your account profile. The email has a handy link to help you correct the mistake.

But if you click on that link, malware that can search for sensitive information will be downloaded on to your computer.

You can protect yourself from a phishing email by:

·         Checking the reply email address to be sure it is from the company that the email claims to be from.

·         Check the destination of any links to be sure that they take you to the legitimate company web site.

·         Consider how the organization normally contacts you.

·         Be cautious of generic emails.

·         Be skeptical of any unsolicited emails.

Better Business Bureau:

Federal Trade Commission:

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