Wednesday, April 3, 2013

AUTUMN MEADOWS- Burglary in Garage

On Saturday, March 30, a homeowner on 45th Ave SE in Autumn Meadows discovered their garage door open and that their car had been broken into.

A wallet containing an ID & debit card, sunglasses, Coach hand purse, and IPOD had been taken from the car. The thieves had made a small charge on the debit card before the homeowner could deactivate the account.

The homeowner was unsure if they left the door open by mistake or if the thieves had a universal garage door opener.

Note: An open garage door provides an easy opportunity for thieves. As noted above the thieves could have had a universal garage door opener. Another method burglars use is to break into cars parked just outside of houses to take the garage door opener, then open the garage door to take what they want in any vehicles inside, tools and other items in the garage, and if possible enter the house to take what they can find. One would think that keeping things in your car in a locked garage would be OK. But, this incident shows that that thought is not necessarily true. When you park your car, even in your garage, be sure to NOT leave anything inside it!

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