Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SNOHOMISH COUNTY PARKS- Secure Your Car in County Parks Parking Lots

Ok, you want to go to one of our local county parks to take a walk on a trail and here I am warning you to be sure to secure your vehicle. But car prowls do happen at our trail head parking lots and I just want you to enjoy your day. I don’t want you to have a nasty surprise when you return to your car.

According to a recent article in The Herald, there were seven car prowls along the Centennial Trail between April 9 and April 16. Five of the car prowls occurred over the weekend. Officials assume that many more went unreported.

When you park your car at a trail head or a park, you should secure it just like at the mall:

  • Lock your car.
  • Don’t leave anything in view in the car. If you need to leave things in your car, hide them in your trunk. And county parks officials that the article quotes emphasized putting your items in your truck before you arrive at the trail head. This way anyone lingering in the parking lot won’t see that you have something that you have hidden and then smash your window and pop the trunk to take your possessions.

And, if you see anyone lingering and looking out of place in the parking lot, call 911 to report them as suspicious.

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Snohomish County press release:


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