Wednesday, April 3, 2013

EVERETT- The Dangers of Metal Theft

Two incidents come out of Everett and involve metal theft.

According to press reports, an abandoned house exploded this morning due to a 35 year old man cutting into steel pipes to sell for scrap. After he heard the hissing sound of gas he decided to take a break and lit a cigarette. That’s when the house exploded.

Often thieves will steel metal to sell to recycling yards. Copper wire is especially popular since it brings in a pretty penny. There have been several stories over the last few years of metal theft, including theft of wire from power poles and power stations. Often, utility and PUD officials voice amazement that no one was hurt. This is a case of someone almost hurt.

For more details about this incident, go to:

My Everett News:

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In the other Everett item, the Everett Police Department Blotter notes that on Tuesday, April 2, on an inspection of power poles, PUD employees discovered five poles with the exposed copper grounding wires stolen.  The wires run vertically down the pole to disperse excess energy harmlessly into the ground, providing electrical system stability and voltage balance. Each pole had approximately 30 feet of wire missing. Whoever stole the wire may have used climbing spike to go up the poles. The thefts occurred along the Interurban Trail.

Everett PD notes that authorized employees who work on power poles will be driving marked company vehicles and/or marked equipment. Call 911 with the location, address and description of suspicious people and vehicles “working” on power poles.


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