Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The Silver Firs Homeowner’s Association has issued the following alert concerning a recent burglary:

“On Friday, 4/12/13 a home in the 14000 block of 62nd Ave SE, Everett WA in Division 2-was burglarized during the day while the residents were at work, the incident occurred between 8am and 5pm.  The burglar(s) entered through a locked window and likely entered from the greenbelt behind the backyard.  A laptop was stolen and there were no eyewitnesses. 

Even when we do our best to secure our homes, and watch out for each other it can still happen.

Here is a link to the two most recent Snohomish County Sheriff's newsletters "Partners in Crime Prevention"

Another site we would recommend is as individuals can register to receive email updates of crimes reported within so many miles of their home.
If you would prefer not to register for emails take a look at the crimes reported by a particular law enforcement agency.  We like this site because there is only a 1-2 day lag between the date reported and the date it appears on the site or email update.  To protect privacy the address are truncated by block number and street, for example 12300 block of Main Street, rather than 12345 Main Street.”

Note: Since the first of April, there has been only one other burglary reported in a two mile radius of Silver Firs, according to This burglary occurred on 4/6/13 in the 13500 block of 47th Dr. SE.

Also, reports that there have been three car prowls in this area since the first of the month:

  • 4/7/13, 1:20am, 12300 block of 51st Ave SE
  • 4/4/13, 2:41pm, 13700 block of Puget Park Dr. SE
  • 4/4/13, 12;14pm, 14400 block of 50th Ave SE

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