Sunday, April 7, 2013

EVERETT- A Missed Opportunity

The following is a tale of missed opportunity to help police catch a burglary in progress.

On April 4, a homeowner arrived home in the 1200 block of Maple Street, and discovered her living room window had been broken. Many personal items were rifled through, and she found other possessions were missing. She talked to her neighbor who works from home. He said that about 15 minutes earlier he saw a man park in front of her house. He lost sight of the man due to foliage that blocked his view of the front door. The man soon reappeared carrying a white box, entered his car and left.

The man is described as a white, about 30-40 years-old, 5’-8” tall with a beard. The associated vehicle is a white four-door medium sized passenger car.

The white box the man carried was a small fire safe containing several hundred dollars of jewelry that were family heirlooms.

All too often an activity can seem suspicious but observers of the activity do not call 911. It can be difficult to know for sure if an activity is suspicious or a crime in progress. But police officers and Sheriff’s deputies are more than happy to come to a call of suspicious activity and find that there was not a crime in progress. They are elated, to come to a call of suspicious activity and capture a burglar in the act. They are frustrated to find out that they just missed a crime in progress because someone did not call 911. If you see suspicious activity, even if in doubt, call 911.

Here are two links, one on burglary prevention and the other on calling 911:
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