Thursday, August 29, 2013

BURGLARY PREVENTION- Some Tips- Known and Not So Well Known

Regular readers of this blog are no doubt well aware of the common tips for preventing burglaries. has provided a list of “10 Things a Burglar Doesn’t Want You to Know.” Some of their tips are well known. Some others might be things to do, or not do, that you might not have thought about:

  • “Thanks for the ladder”- Keeping a ladder lying around outside your house only allows the burglar to enter your house from a second story window. This defeats your alarm system especially if its sensors are only on the main floor. Its opportunities like this (for the burglar) that motivates crime prevention professionals to recommend that you keep your yard around your house neat and clean. Not only does it make a statement to potential burglars that you and anyone else in your neighborhood will see anything out of the ordinary, it takes away their chance to steal something outside or gain entry to your house to take your stuff.
  • “Loved your trash”- This is something to watch out for especially during the holiday season. If you put the boxes of your new flatscreen, computer, Xbox, etc. out with your trash and recycling in clear view, burglars know what goodies are in your house. You become a target. It’s best to break down those boxes and put them in your recycling or trash container.
  • “Bad reflection on you”- If you intend to have an alarm system installed in your house be sure to have the technician locate the keypad where it is easy for you to use it. If you usually leave your house from the front door then the keypad should be near your front entrance. If you usually leave through your garage, then it should be at the door between your garage and the house.’s recommendation is that you not have a mirror placed so that a burglar can see if your alarm system is armed. Note: If you are religious about arming your alarm system whenever you are away, then placement of mirrors may not make any difference. After all, if the burglar can see that your alarm is armed, he most likely will go to another house. But, if you tend to forget to arm your alarm from time to time, you might take this tip to heart.
  • “Getting carried away”- It’s a good idea to have a safe to store your valuables. But, many safes get carried away by burglars so they can take their time to open them. Bolt that safe to the floor or use a wall safe if you can.

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