Monday, August 19, 2013

EVERETT- Everett PD Looking for Burglar Who Broke into House While Owners Were on Vacation

The Everett Police Department is looking for Lee Wallette for taking two rifles, a flat screen TV, a handgun, safe, silver and gold coins and two vehicles from a family’s home while they were on vacation.

Wallette has 15 felony convictions. He is a drug dealer who also sells stolen goods. He is suspected of several burglaries in Snohomish County where guns have been stolen. He operates by loading up the victim’s vehicle with their property and then driving off.

Everett police suspect that he is in the Everett area. He has four tattoos on his face and neck and he is considered armed and dangerous.

Homeowners on vacation provide an excellent opportunity for burglars. To protect your belongings the strategy is to make it look like your home is occupied while you’re gone. 

Remember to ask a trusted friend or neighbor to watch your house while you are gone. Ask them to pick up your mail and newspaper. Or you can also ask the newspaper and Postal Service to hold your newspaper and mail until you return.

Ask your neighbor or friend to mow at least your front yard if you will be gone more than a week or two.

Often, parking a car in your driveway will alert a potential burglar that someone might still be at home.

Put timers on some of your lights to turn them on when you would normally be home to show a burglar checking the neighborhood out at night that you are home.

If you know where police can find Lee Wallette call Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.


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