Friday, August 16, 2013

TEXTING AND DRIVING- Film Shows the Aftermath of Texting and Driving Crashes

This morning’s Morning Edition program on NPR did a piece about a film by Verner Herzog called “From One Second to the Next.” It was produced as part of a campaign sponsored by AT&T to discourage young people from texting and driving called “It Can Wait.”

The half hour film shows the personal results of crashes that are the results of texting and driving from the perspective of both the victims and those who were texting and driving.

Film has been used to discourage drinking and drive in the past. Those films often used graphic images to show the gore of car crashes in an attempt to shock people to refrain from taking the drink. This film takes a different tact. The victims and the texting drivers tell their stories of loss, including the loss of loved ones.

This film is worth passing on to the young drivers in your life:


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