Saturday, August 17, 2013

THE FALLS- Syringe Found in Park

Recently, two children found a used syringe in a private park adjacent to The Falls. Apparently, a younger child picked it up out of curiosity.

Finding syringes is an indicator of drug activity for communities. Having syringes lying around also presents a health issue for residents, especially parents.

The Environmental Health Department of the Snohomish County Health District recommends that if you find a needle or syringe you take the following action:

Put the syringe or needle in a “sharps container” using some sort of tool, such as a pliers or tongs, so that you do not touch the syringe/needle. A sharps container is a container that holds used needles for proper disposal. You see them at your doctor’s office, walk in clinics or emergency rooms. Sharps containers can be obtained from local pharmacies
Take the needle or syringe in the sharps container to a local pharmacy for disposal. The following document shows a partial list of pharmacies that will take needles:




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  1. Yes!It is very important to keep safe all the syringes especially the used one. leaving or throwing it everywhere is a very bad practice. Used needles and other sharps are hazardous to people and pets if not disposed of safely because they can injure people and spread infections that cause serious health conditions.

    Impact Hygiene - Sharps