Saturday, August 3, 2013

EDMONDS- Car Prowls at Church Leads to Burglary Suspect

The press has been reporting on the burglary suspect who broke into cars in a church parking lot in Edmonds then was seen at the home of one of the parishioners burglarizing the house. Eventually, Edmonds police found the burglar in an Edmonds motel, where they took him in custody after a short standoff. There, the police found a large cache of stolen items.

Unfortunately, this example points out that burglars/car prowlers will work anytime and anyplace, even at a church parking lot during services. After all, the burglar knows where the victims are, he can assume that he will be safe of not being discovered while he breaks into a few cars and goes to some houses while everyone is in church.

So how did the burglar know where to go to burglarize the houses? The press has not said. But a likely source could have been the registration in the cars. The registration is a good source for your home address.

From time to time, burglars will break into cars and take down the address of the owner from the registration then go to the address. We are accustomed to keeping the registration of our vehicles in the vehicles because if we are stopped by police we need to be able to produce the registration for their inspection. However, there is no law (that I am aware of) that requires us to store our registrations in our cars and trucks. One thing you can do is put the registration in your purse or wallet. Another thing you can do is to block out the address on the registration. As long as you keep the owner’s name, VIN number and license number, police can verify the information.

The Edmonds Police Department is looking for the owners of the stolen material. You can go to to see pictures of the stolen items. If you recognize any of the items as yours, call Detective Andy Mehl at 425-771-1780.

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