Thursday, March 5, 2015

BOTHELL– Two Car Prowlers Caught

Bothell police have arrested two suspects for identity theft and possession of stolen property.

Bothell police have been investigating a series of car prowls near the LA Fitness in the 1600 block of 220th St SE in Bothell. In these cases, the suspects would break a window, and then take a purse or wallet. They would use the victim’s credit cards to purchase gift cards from a nearby store. The suspects would make gift card purchases in amounts from $50 to $85 and would continue to use the stolen cards until the cards were deactivated.

A call to 911 from a customer of the LA Fitness alerted Bothell police of a car break in that had just occurred. Based in this timely reporting, police officers were able to find the suspects at a nearby grocery store.

Note: This is an example of why you should not have anything showing in your car when you park it. Fitness centers as well as movie house parking lots are perfect places for car prowlers to steal your purse or wallet. They know that you will probably be away from your car for a couple of hours at least. Car prowlers also have been known to get victim’s home addresses then burglarize the victim’s home while they were in movies. Be sure to remove anything that might be in view from your car. Put it in your trunk or glove box before you arrive at your destination.


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