Sunday, March 22, 2015

LYNNWOOD– Deputies Respond to Car Theft

On Thursday, March 19, in Everett, Snohomish County Sheriff’s deputies apprehended a car theft suspect in a car that he had stolen earlier in the day in Lynnwood. The suspect took the car from a garage in a residential area of Lynnwood. The keys were in the car and the door was unlocked.

The suspect attempted to flee, but deputies blocked the car and forcibly removed the suspect. He was booked into jail for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Resisting Arrest and Malicious Mischief 3. Deputies believe that the suspect has been responsible for at least three residential burglaries in the area.

Note: This incident highlights some things you can do to prevent your car from being stolen from your home. As bad as it may seem to some people, it is important to keep your doors lock (your house doors, your garage doors and your car doors) and to keep the keys to your car with you. These simple measures will easily prevent your car from being stolen.

Also, a neighbor witnessed the suspect enter the garage and drive away. While the Sheriff’s Facebook post did not mention if the witness called 911, hopefully he or she did. We don’t know when we see suspicious activity, but when we do, there is no harm in calling 911. Your call might help deputies arrest a thief.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office:



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