Friday, March 20, 2015

SNOHOMISH COUNTY– Smart911 Can Help Responders with Critical Information About You

The SNOPAC call taker took a cellphone call from a woman who was frantic. The caller could not give her address. This is common with cellphone calls. SNOPAC often cannot dispatch police or fire units because dispatchers do not have accurate enough location information. And that’s even true with our modern cellphone and GPS technology.

However, this caller registered her information with Smart911. The call taker was able to pull up the lady’s profile and confirm her home address. Dispatchers were able to send help to the right place.

Smart911 is a new service that SNOPAC started using last August, which allows citizens to register their phone numbers, address, medical conditions and medications, pets, vehicles, emergency contacts, any information that emergency responders can use to better help on a call.

The information in Smart911 is maintained as a national database. The information is secure and is not shared except when you call 911.

This is a worthwhile free service to register your information. It can help first responders help you better through a crisis.

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