Wednesday, October 19, 2016

SNOHOMISH- Car Prowlers Stealing at Weddings

Car prowlers look everywhere for cars with purses, wallets, tablet computers. And according to recent press reports, even weddings.

The press reports have been talking about a series of car prowls at wedding venues in the Snohomish area. In at least one of the car prowls, the thieves use stolen credit cards at a Fred Meyer, Walmart and Safeway later that night.

A Sheriff’s Office spokesman has noted that they see more car break-ins when car prowlers think a driver will be away from their vehicle for a long period of time, such as at a mall, in a residential driveway overnight, or at an event such as a wedding or even a funeral. Burglars have also been known to break into homes when they know that the owners are at a funeral.

The spokesman reminded everyone to lock doors and roll up and lock windows. Also not to have anything showing in your vehicle when you park it. You can also help reduce the risk of becoming a victim to a car prowl or burglary by being careful of what you post on social media, such as when you would be attending a wedding, funeral, or going on vacation.

Here are two pictures of a vehicle and two males associated with the stolen credit cards, courtesy of KING-TV. If you know who these suspects are or have any information about car prowls in the Snohomish area, please call the Snohomish Sheriff’s Office’s Anonymous Tip Line at (425) 388-3845.


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