Sunday, October 16, 2016

TECH SUPPORT SCAM- Scammers Still Calling Snohomish County Residents

I have received a report of at least one more Snohomish County resident receiving a call from a tech scammer.

The call was made by a man with a slight Indian accent who said that he was calling from Redmond. He claimed that the person answering the phone had submitted an error report from their computer. He said that he needed some information or else they would lose their computer. He wanted the potential victim to get onto their computer and follow his instructions.

When asked who he worked for, the man hedged. He said that he did not work for Microsoft, but that his company did.

The person answering the phone quickly concluded this was a scam and hung up.

The potential victim observed:

1.      The caller ID on their phone said “unknown name, unknown number.” A legitimate company would have displayed their true phone number.

2.      They had not submitted an error report. And, Microsoft, of they had contacted them, would not have to ask for their system information. Microsoft already collects technical information about the computers that runs its Windows operating system. You can cut off that information if you do not want Microsoft to get it.

3.      Microsoft would not call. If there is any response, it would be via email.

If you receive a call from a tech support scammer, you can report them to:


Federal Trade Commission:

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